Gourmet's Guide to New Orleans

The vintage cookbook Gourmet's Guide to New Orleans captures recipes from one of the South's most legendary culinary capitals. Many of the recipes come from famous restaurants across New Orleans. 


Format: Softcover, 178 pages. 

Copyright: 1965 

Publisher: Caroline Merrick Jones Publisher 

Author: Caroline Merrick Jones 

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Description: A gourmet – discerning admirer of fine food – is to New Orleans a native son, whatever his origin. In this New Orleans is a true offshoot of France, where culinary excellence was deemed worthy once of royal, and still of governmental, recognition. New Orleans likewise regards culinary creation with a high seriousness. 

Here old culinary traditions are treasured like old masters and new ones are correspondingly acclaimed. In the following pages, the museums are thrown open, the chefs d'oeuvres stand for review. Only those that have assuredly met the critics' approbation have been chosen, and many of them are released here for the first time by formerly jealous guardians. 

Such a collection is only possible, of course, through the generosity of celebrated hostesses and renowned restaurateurs. And such hostesses and such restaurateurs are only possible in the atmosphere of interest and appreciation which New Orleans, in fact, all Louisiana, affords. See for yourself! 

Go to Antoine's and sense the ceremonial aura that attends the offering of the matchless productions there. You will find Roy Alciatore, third of the line, heir to the family tradition as his own dishes prove. Like his renowned ancestors, he went to Paris to study. His Filet of Flounder Louis XIII was his "thesis" that assured his place among the masters. Many New Orleanians affectionately remember his father, Jules, tall, erect, well-tailored, with eyes always as keenly blue as when in his boyhood in Strassbourg he was given the honor of making the pate de foie gras for Bismarck. Antoine, first of the line, is still a figure in the city's proud traditions. The walls of some of the simple quiet old rooms are covered with affectionate eulogies signed by figures internationally as well as nationally famous. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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