Gourmet Chinese Regional Cookbook

Gourmet Chinese Regional Cookbook by Calvin B.T. Lee and Audrey Evans Lee features 300 authentic Chinese recipes, plus menus and cooking tips and information. Recipes are divided up by region and then by category of food within each area. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 322 pages 

Copyright: 1982 

Publisher: Castle 

Author: Calvin B. T. Lee and Audrey Evans Lee 

ISBN: 9780890093849

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Description: China is a vast land of great diversity -- and its cuisine is as varied as the people who make up its population and the far-flung regions that compose its territory. Not only is Chinese cooking the most varied in the world, but it is perhaps the greatest cuisine in the world. 

This book presents a gourmet's treasure of recipes for 300 authentic Chinese dishes from China's four main regions that center on Shanghai in the East, Peking in the North, Szechwan in the West, and Canton in the South. Each region has its own style that is immediately identifiable -- from the mild dishes of Peking to the spicy dishes of Szechwan to the piquant dishes of Canton. Each region's distinctiveness is analyzed, and the authors describe some of the social and historical forces that have molded it. 

Most important, however, are the carefully tested recipes themselves, clear and definitive instructions for the preparation and cooking of notable dishes -- some elaborate, some remarkably simple -- but all guaranteed to whet the appetite and please the palate. Recipes for chicken and duck, pork and beef, seafood, vegetables, soups, and many other delectable dishes are presented in these pages in a form that any cook can easily follow at home. 

Organized by regions and by categories of food within these areas, any recipe can be readily located by use of the detailed contents, supplemented by a carefully prepared index. For the beginning and even the experienced cook, there are sections that explain the techniques and ingredients used in Chinese cooking and describe how to bring authentic Chinese cooking into the American household. 

Dr. Calvin B. T. Lee has been chancellor of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, since 1971. Born and brought up in New York City, he earned his BA and LLB from Columbia University and an LLM and a doctorate of juridical science from New York University. 

His entry into the world of gastronomy occurred at age seventeen, as a result of his father's death, leaving him as the general manager of Lee's Restaurant, at that time New York City's oldest Chinese restaurant. He managed the restaurant for seven years while completing his undergraduate and legal studies at Columbia. 

In 1958 he joined a Wall Street law firm, but took leave of absence in 1961 to formulate and direct an extracurricular program for Columbia University. In 1968 he was appointed dean of the College of Liberal Arts of Boston University, a post he served in until he was made acting president and subsequently executive vice-president. 

A prolific writer, Dr. Lee has published seven books. His first was a cookbook, Chinese Cooking for American Kitchens. This was followed by Chinatown, U.S.A., a book about the Chinese in America. He has also published in the fields of education and political science. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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