Gourmet Bahamian Cooking Cookbook

The Gourmet Bahamian Cooking cookbook contains recipes from the Bahamas. Crawfish Jambalaya, Stuffed Roast Pork, Bahamian Bread Pudding and more are all included inside this regional cookbook. 


Format: Paperback spiral bound, 282 pages  

Copyright: 1984. 15th printing 

Publisher: Best-Way Publishing 

Author: Marie Mendelson and Marguerite Sawyer 

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Description: The recipes appearing in this book have been carefully selected for appeal to the gastronome. While basic Bahamian foods are used these recipes go beyond the commonplace food fare to create culinary delights. Some of the finest cooking comes from the humblest kitchens. With increased and improved methods of transportation and shipping to import supplies to the Bahamas, some of the recipes included use products not available in the "olden days". Also, liberties have been taken to include recipes now used by the younger generation which are fairly international. However, in general, we have persisted with Bahamian foods and food products. 

Many Bahamians who are excellent cooks neither use nor own a measuring cup, measuring spoon or scale. They cook by the "feel" or "look" of the preparation. Thus, it is most difficult to obtain any kind of accurate recipe; much time, watching and understanding is required and even then somewhat of a gamble is involved. In attempting to get the amount of flour needed in a recipe for making bread, the answer was - "just enough"! In this book specific measurements are given. 

This book is for those who appreciate preparation of the delectable from amazingly simple sources. The dishes are designed to promote pleasurable eating artistically, emotionally and imaginatively, i.e. gourmet cooking. Now just a few words concerning "gourmet cooking". It should be pointed out that the term does not imply rich, expensive, difficult to prepare dishes that invariably lead to undesirable weight gain. Actually weight is related to both type and amount of food. One can easily remain slim and attractive while savoring the delights of gourmet recipes. 


Condition: Cover, interior pages and spiral are in very nice condition. 

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