Goose Fat Garlic Cookbook - French Country Recipes

Goose Fat Garlic Cookbook presents French country recipes. It has been described as an "addictive" cookbook. With over 200 authentic French recipes from the Southwest of France, this cookbook will bring the culture of the region to your dining room. 


Format: Softcover, 342 pages 

Copyright: 2006 

Publisher: Kyle Books 

Author: Jeanne Strang 

ISBN: 9781904920397

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Description: Jeanne Strang bought a house in Southwest France with her husband over forty years ago and never left. Fascinated by the "old ways" of the surrounding villages, she encouraged her neighbors to talk while she noted down their anecdotal histories over convivial late-night feasts and deep-bottomed glasses of wine. 

In over 200 authentic recipes for local French specialities such as creme de noix and the famous cassoulets, Goose Fat and Garlic Cookbook presents the entire repertoire of regional dishes. Details of old customs, inherited wisdoms, and communal rituals all paint a way of life that contributes unique character to its varied cuisine. It is a style of cooking so rooted in rural culture that its tastes can conjure up this beautiful corner of France, where great French food still lives and breathes. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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