Good Housekeeping Cook Book: 1949 Vintage Cookbook

Good Housekeeping Cook Book is a classic vintage cookbook. This 1949 cookbook is recipe-rich with over 2,000 recipes for over 200 menus. Shrimp-Filled Peppers, Dutch Hot Slaw, Steamed Chocolate Puffs and other mouthwatering recipes are found inside this classic cookbook's pages. 


Format: Hardcover, 1,014 pages 

Copyright: 1949, Fourth Printing 

Publisher: The Hearst Corporation 

Author: Dorothy B. Marsh 

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Description: This book offers the best of the knowledge of good eating Good Housekeeping Institute has learned in its kitchens during many years. It is not merely a cook book. It was planned to be a comprehensive kitchen guide to all problems of successful meal getting, from planning and marketing to gracious serving. 

The beginner will find success easy with this book. Every recipe was prepared repeatedly in our kitchens, to make sure it was failure-proof. Directions are simple and easily followed. Furthermore, the recipes for many basic, everyday dishes are given in the unique step-by-step form that has proved so popular in the pages of Good Housekeeping itself. 

The experienced cook will delight in this book for the fresh ideas that add high notes of new interest to family and company meals. Gourmets will smack their lips over the unusual dishes, the recipes for which were contributed by men and women lovers of good food all over the world. Brides and others who cook for twosomes will like especially the specific directions included with many recipes for reducing the recipes to serve two. These directions are given under a special subheading, "For 2" -- an exclusive feature of this book. 

Besides more than 2,000 recipes, the ever-present problem of three meals a day is eased by over 200 menus for meals of all kinds -- thrifty meals, meals quick and easy to prepare for family or guests, outdoor meals, dinners for busy or business housekeepers, holiday meals, refreshments for weddings and anniversaries, and meals for serving crowds. The hostess who must be cook and waitress, too, will find that menus and methods of serving have been adapted to her needs. 

Many recipes include ideas for accompaniments that round out the whole course. The usefulness of recipes has been increased, too, by suggesting optional or alternate ingredients to please individual tastes. Due attention has been given to bringing good nutrition to the table, and to the special problems of reducing or gaining weight. Modern in every way, this book offers the latest information available, at its time of writing, on new techniques in cookery, on the newer packaged, canned, and frozen foods, and on recent developments in automatic cooking and in kitchen planning and equipment. Recipes are geared to the correct use of modern devices such as home freezers, pressure cookers, and electric mixers. 

Detailed information is given on home methods of freezing vegetables, fruits, meats and cooked foods and of using home freezers to advantage. Generous use is made of charts for presenting in a condensed and highly convenient form for quick reference, such basic information as time and temperatures for roasting, and time tables for broiling meats, fish, etc., and for cooking vegetables. 


Condition: Good condition. Cover excellent. Opening page has several creases. Some discolored lightened areas on outside edges of pages. 

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