Good Housekeeping's Menus Cookbook

Good Housekeeping's Menus Cookbook is a wonderful book of recipes that follows 24 menus, and also gives you 5 dinner party menus. It's a vintage cookbook from the 1950s and is black-and-white. 


Format: Hardcover, 160 page. 

Copyright: 1954 

Publisher: National Magazine Co. Ltd. 

Author: Good Housekeeping Institute 

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Description: This is a pictorial book of menus and recipes. The first part of the book features 24 menus for each season of the year, with their accompanying recipes. Most recipes are for everyday use, though some are out-of-the-ordinary recipes. 

The second part of the cookbook gives you suggestions for party occasions with five dinner party menus, a buffet party, and two Christmas dinners. Following on these are more general recipes for tea-time fare and for supper dishes. The book is completed with notes on wines to serve with the courses of dinner, advice on laying the table, on shopping, food storing, and so on. 


Condition: Good condition. Opening blank page has a page of recipes taped in from another book. It contains Elizabethan Recipes from the Elizabethan Room at the Gore Hotel in Queensgate, UK. The page across from it has some tape residue. 

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