Good Housekeeping Cook Book - Vintage 1943

This 1943 vintage Good Housekeeping Cook Book contains over 900 pages of recipes and cooking information and a wartime supplement, special in this third edition. The cookbook is a comprehensive collection of recipe and guide a good cook needs to plan menus, prepare and serve and stay on budget. This is one of the most collectible editions as it was printed during World War II. Many people collect wartime editions and printings of cookbooks and the value tends to be higher than the same book printed during other periods. 


Format: Hardcover, 981 pages - includes the 32 pages Wartime Supplement

Copyright: 1942 Edition, 1943 Printing

Publisher: Farrar and Rinehart, Inc. 

Author / Editor: Good Housekeeping 

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Additional Details

Description: The Good Housekeeping Cook Book is a classic collectible printed many times over in several editions. This is the 1943 printing of the 1942 edition. The book is packed with recipes and how-tos, plus some illustrations. 


Condition: Covers good condition with some minor wear on the cloth. Pages have several faded spots, but are overall in good condition. 

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