Good Housekeeping Cookbook - Vintage 1942

This Good Housekeeping Cook Book is a vintage 1942 recipe treasure with more than 900 pages of recipes and cooking information. This edition is considered highly collectible given it's a World War II wartime cookbook. There are many collectors that specifically seek wartime editions of cookbooks as they are a good investment. 


Format: Hardcover, 947 pages 

Copyright: 1942 

Publisher: Farrar and Rinehart, Inc. 

Author / Editor: Good Housekeeping 

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Additional Details

Description: The 1942 edition of the Good Housekeeping Cook Book is a fantastic wartime collectible. This vintage cook book is jam packed with recipes for all types of dishes. 


Condition: Cloth cover has some frays and wear at corners where boards peek through a bit. Interior pages have some faded spots mainly on edges of pages (seen when book is shut). Opening page has paper torn near spine. Overall, this book is in nice condition. 

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