Good Goodies Cookbook - Natural Snacks and Sweets

The Good Goodies cookbook contains recipes for natural snacks and sweets. Healthy snacks is the focus of this cookbook, perfect for those who want treats with more nutritional value. From pretzels to cakes and candies, you'll enjoy this cookbook's approach to the art of snack making.  


Format: Hardcover, 280 pages. 

Copyright: 1977. Ninth printing 

Publisher: Rodale Press, Inc. 

Author: Stan and Floss Dworkin 

ISBN: 9780878570874

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Description: Do you crave the kinds of goodies you know are bad for you? Do you gulp down candy bars and devour chips and cookies then worry about what you're doing to your health? Here is a book that presents hundreds of recipes for healthful, tasty versions of such temptations as cookies, pizza, pretzels, knishes, cakes, crackers, puddings and candies. 

"Delicious" is the operative idea in The Good Goodies. Stan and Floss Dworkin, authors of the delightful Blend It -- Splendid, offer enticing and worthwhile alternatives to America's favorite foods -- snacks and sweets. The Dworkins feel confident that, for flavor, their creations are tops. But more important than that, the ingredients used in these recipes that make results taste so good are also nutritionally valuable. When you cook using the recipes in this book you know what is in the snacks that are served at your house -- ingredients that will build your family up, instead of contributing to future ailments. 

The authors introduce a technique for making puff-pastry with nutrition-rich whole wheat flour. They give recipes for biscuits and muffins which have more of the B vitamins and vitamin E than the kind most people make or buy. Any cook will be proud to serve the specialties the Dworkins have dreamed up. 

The fun of making their own goodies has been lost to many of the snackers of today. People used to have taffy pulls and corn popping sessions, more for the fun of it than for the food. Cooking-up snacks can still be the best part of the party! And, as Floss says, "Even if store-bought were cheaper, or as tasty, would it fill our place with such an aroma?" 

Open the book to any section and you will find imaginative, tempting recipes, perhaps for foods you've always thought you'd like to try making yourself. Here is your chance. It's fun, it's easy and it's rewarding. Try one or two of these recipes and you will surely agree that The Good Goodies are the best! 


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in very nice condition. First blank page has a small name inscription near the top edge. 

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