Good Food of Szechwan Cookbook

The Good Food of Szechwan cookbook showcases recipes from the Province along with the basics of the Chinese style of cooking. This regional Chinese cuisine is easy to prepare and has many recipes that can be made ahead 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 124 pages 

Copyright: 1983. Tenth printing 

Publisher: Kodansha International  

Author: Robert A. Delfs 

ISBN: 9780870112317

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Description: Authentically prepared Chinese food is no longer the dream of the enterprising home cook, it is a reality. With the current wave of interest in China has come the awareness that Chinese food is as varied as it is flavorful, that the basic ingredients are easy to find, and that cooking techniques are simple to learn. 

In the opinion of author Robert Delfs, the hearty and down-to-earth cooking of China's Szechwan Province is perhaps best suited to the Western table. Its tasty and interesting dishes rely on a few basic sauces, familiar meats and vegetables, and the generous use of spices and red peppers. One of these dishes can provide a satisfying meal, several -- a feast. 

While this is a specialty cookbook, since it con­centrates on the food of Szechwan and a few northern Chinese dishes, it does not neglect the basics. A comprehensive list of Chinese ingredients includes tips on how to buy, use and store these items. Numerous drawings show how to master chopping, jointing and boning techniques. 

Szechwanese food is basically simple and un­elaborate, with many "no-time" or "prepare-ahead" recipes that are particularly well suited to after-work cooking and entertaining. And in a section entitled "Survival Cooking," Mr. Delfs gives a few good Chinese-style solutions to the occasional problem of stretching the food budget without sacrifice of taste or nutrition. 

With an extensive introduction to Szechwan-style food and its place in the scheme of Chinese cuisine, The Good Food of Szechwan is an informal, entertaining cookbook that is easy to use and that guarantees delicious results. 


Condition: Bookboards, interior pages and dust jacket are in nice condition. 

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