Good Food From Sweden - Vintage Cookbook 1950

Good Food From Sweden is a vintage cookbook from 1950 that features 300 Swedish recipes including classics. Fans of Swedish cuisine will enjoy the smorgasbord section. This cookbook was first published in the 1930's. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 186 pages 

Copyright: 1950. Eighth printing 

Publisher: M. Barrows and Company, Inc. 

Author: Inga Norberg 

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Description: The Swedish housewife is a culinary artist, and thrifty too! Here's a choice collection of 300 tested recipes for everyday meals and party menus. It is a complete guide to all the favorites -- and many new dishes too -- with an infinite variety of little hot and cold snacks for the cocktail party and numerous original ideas for the Smorgasbord. 

There are chapters on marvelously-seasoned Swedish soups (try Apple or Arter Med Flask), a complete section on fish preparation (there's a real taste thrill in Kabiljo Pudding), and of course the meats! There is Royal Pot Roast made with cream, Swedish Beefsteak. 

Lamb with Dill, Swedish Christmas Ham, Swedish Meat Balls (excellent as appetizers too), Beef a la Lindstrom, and also dozens of new ways with vegetables. The Potato Eclairs are unusually good. And because the Swedish cook believes that '"it is the sauce that lends character to a dish" you'll find 28 recipes in this section. Puddings and Sweets, wonderfully crisp thin pancakes, Swedish buns, rusks, and Saffron bread, delectable Uppakra cookies and Swedish Ginger Cake, with exciting party drinks -- Swedish Punsch and Glogg. 

If you have never tasted good Swedish cooking, there is a treat in store for you! And if you have enjoved it. you will find new ways with old favorites in the Good Food from Sweden cookbook. 


Condition: Overall fair condition. Dust jacket is in poor shape with heavy tears. Inside opening spread shows binding mesh through torn paper at spine area. 

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