Goldberg's Pizza Book - New York Pizzeria

Goldberg's Pizza Book - New York Pizzeria is is a combination guide and recipe book. This was written by Larry Goldberg of Goldberg's Pizzeria in New York and it helps you make pizza in your own home kitchen.  


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 125 pages. 

Copyright: 1971. First edition 

Publisher: Random House, Inc. 

Author: Larry Goldberg with Leonore Fleischer 

ISBN: 9780394468327

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Description: It's hard to know what to say about this book. It was written by the Pizza King of New York (so crowned by New York magazine) and it tells you how to make really great pizza at home in your own oven, without any big production or special equipment. 

It also tells you a lot of other things about pizza you may or may not want to know. Like where the pizza derived (from a Roman chariot wheel) or how to lose weight on pizza as the author did (he went from 320 to 160 pounds), or make crustless pizza; or about Goldberg's Variations on pizza (or how to make Johann Sebastian roll over on his Bach); or what pizzas never to cook: peanut butter and jelly. There's also a lot more. 

What do the experts say about Goldberg's Pizza Book? To quote from Italian Mother Maria Busto Angello's Open Letter about this book: "I know pizza. I know pizza because I'm Italian, and for hundreds and hundreds of years my ancestors have been making pizza while this guy Goldberg's ancestors were still wandering around in that desert looking for milk and honey. Whoever heard of milk and honey on a pizza...? But I watch Goldberg cook pizza, and what I can say, at least he puts his cheese on right. When the so-called Bella Pizza comes to the table it even looks like a pizza. We eat it and it's not bad. It doesn't make me sick." 

In response, we quote from Sara Goldberg, Jewish Mother, Larry Goldberg's mother, in fact: "Goldberg's Pizzeria! Tell my son Goldberg, he's killing his mother." 

In any case, anyone who has ever tasted one agrees that a Goldberg pizza is absolutely delicious. Furthermore, anyone who has ever tried the recipes in this book finds that he can make delicious pizza on his own. Goldberg asks only that if you're ready to go into business on your own when you've finished this book, you stay out of his territory. 


Condition: Cover has some minor spotting and wear. Inscription in opening blank page to original owner from gift giver. 

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