Glorious Garlic Cookbook

Glorious Garlic Cookbook features 130 delicious recipes that feature one of the world's favorite foods ... garlic. From Stuffed Calamari to Rosemary and Garlic Chicken, garlic lovers will rejoice in the wonderful meals this book inspires. 


Format: Softcover, 188 pages 

Copyright: 1986 

Publisher: Storey Communications, Inc. 

Author: Charlene A. Braida 

ISBN: 9780882664132

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Description: Throughout the ages, garlic has exerted a powerful fascination on humankind. It was placed in King Tut's tomb along with priceless ornaments of gold; it was eaten by Roman soldiers for strength and courage prior to combat; it was worn around the neck in the Middle Ages to scare off vampires. 

Today scientists are discovering that garlic is a true "super food" that can be used to treat a host of ailments from heart disease to athlete's foot. And American cooks are learning what cooks of other cuisines have always known -- that garlic can impart a sensational flavor to any food with which it is associated. 

Here author Charlene A. Braida draws from her own Italian cooking heritage and the best of ethnic cuisines to come up with 130 mouth-watering recipes -- from Stuffed Calamari and Ratatouille Fromage to Rosemary and Garlic Chicken. She also shares tips on selecting, preparing, and storing garlic -- and how to grow one's own. Let garlic's glorious pungency become part of your life with the help of this exciting cookbook. 


Condition: Cover and interior pages are in very nice condition. There is a slight discoloration along the spine. 

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