General Foods Kitchens Cookbook 1959

The General Foods Kitchens Cookbook from 1959, is a vintage cookbook with a range of dishes and cuisines. Recipes are abundant and the book has some charming 1950s illustrations inside as well as menu suggestions, and more. 


Format: Hardcover, 436 pages. 

Copyright: 1959, First Printing 

Publisher: Random House, Inc. 

Author: General Foods Kitchens 

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Description: This cookbook is designed to help you in hundreds of everyday and special situations that call for the planning, preparing, and serving of food. It describes those situations as well as the food, so that you are offered specific suggestions for what and how to serve when somebody's going to be late for dinner, or an unexpected guest turns up, or you're the committee chairman for the annual church super, or hostess at an outdoor barbecue. This cookbook was created by the women of General Foods Kitchens. 


Condition: Good condition. Minor wear on cover.

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