Gastronomy of Italy Cookbook

Gastronomy of Italy Cookbook is a large format book loaded with imagery and authentic Italian recipes. We even see our favorite Italian dish -- Braciole di Maiale all Pizzaiola -- Pork Steaks with Mozzarella and Oregano 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket  

Copyright: 2001  

Publisher: Friedman/Fairfax Publishers  

Author: Anna Del Conte  

ISBN: 9781586632960

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Description: The Food of Italy is as remarkably varied as the many different regions of the country, shaped and influenced as they are by geography, climate and history. 

In this, her masterwork, Anna Del Conte, the doyenne of Italian cooking, authoritatively identifies the myriad flavors, the ancient culinary traditions, and the authentic eating habits of her homeland con brio. 

Anna Del Conte's Gastronomy of Italy is a comprehensive companion to every aspect of the cooking of cucina Italiana. Regional specialities are justly celebrated, from the garlic- based cuisine of Piedmont, through the four types of rice grown in Lombardy. The Panata (Bread Soup) of Emilia- Romagna, the olive oils of Tuscany, the truffles and wild funghi growing on the Apennine slopes of Marche, the lamb dishes created in the shepherding communities of Abruzzo, the abundance of vegetables from the fertile soils of Puglia, the robust seafood of Campania, the chili- flavored salami of Calabria, to the Arabian legacy of Sicily's sweet dolei. 

Anna provides 200 essential recipes which include everything from simple one-pot cooking from peasant tables to food created for princes. Each region, each season, depends upon local produce to create specialties such as Quaglie all'Aceto Balsamico (Roast Quails with Balsamic Vinegar) from the province of Modena, ancient Tuscan antipasti such as Salviata and crostini; rich red tomato soup from the southern fields of Calabria and classic dishes, such as the famous Sicilian Pasta con le Sarde (Pasta with Sardines). Traditional recipes as they were cooked in Anna's own Milanese family home, such as Torrone Molle (Soft Nougat), are arranged alongside rich and rare surprises like the fabulous Timballo di Maccheroni del Cattopardo (Pasta Pie in a Sweet Crust). Every recipe is clear and concise and, with irresistible photographs, they allow the modern cook to reproduce the authentic taste of Italy. 

In addition to the recipes, the index of ingredients identifies over 700 key ingredients and dishes from Abbacchio (baby lamb) to Zuppa (soup). This section is followed by a glossary of more than 130 definitions of terms, techniques, utensils and cooking methods to help the reader negotiate commonly found phrases in Italian recipes, menus and delicatessens. A survey of Italian wines completes the book. Each wine is described by DOC (Dominazione di Originc Controllara), aroma, taste and appearance and serving suggestions are given with particular reference to Anna's recipes. 

Superbly illustrated with historical paintings, early frescos, mosaics, antique prints and stunning photography, Gastronomy of Italy is an essential cook's companion which will remain not only a source of reference and inspiration but also a friend for life. 


Condition: Nice condition. Top edge dust jacket has a small tear with tape inside. 

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