Garlic Recipes by Leading Chefs From Around the World

Over 60 recipes from top restaurant chefs are featured inside the Garlic Recipes by Leading Chefs From Around the World cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 159 pages. 

Copyright: 2000 

Publisher: Periplus Editions 

Author: Periplus Editions 

ISBN: 9789625939414

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Description: Both sweetly mellow and pungently sharp, depending on the preparation, garlic adds depth and nuance to any dish. Garlic is used extensively in every great cuisine -- from Chinese stir-fries and Indian curries to Mexican salsa and classical French sauces. 

That tradition is celebrated in Garlic With 60 recipes from 20 leading restaurant chefs, Garlic captures the versatility of the world's favorite edible bulb. From the simplicity of roasted garlic and bread soup or garlic-baked tomatoes with lemon thyme and parsley, to the succulence of pan-seared scallops with garlic puree or spicy garlic chicken laksa, each recipe is beautifully photographed and adapted for the home kitchen. 


Condition: Jacket (back) is creased. Further good condition. 

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