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The Gardner Museum Cafe Cookbook from Boston's enchanted Stewart Gardner Museum is a wonderful cookbook. Dishes like Cornish Meat Pie, Artichoke Cheese Pie, and Cabbage Stuffed with Ground Beef and Apples are all found inside along with additional recipes from the cafe. Fans of the eatery and museum will enjoy recreating these dishes in their own home kitchens.  


Format: Softcover, 149 pages 

Copyright: 1985 

Publisher: The Harvard Common Press 

Author: Lois McKitchen Conroy 

ISBN: 9780916782719

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Description: "A tiny oasis within an oasis," the Boston Globe called it. Tucked in a corner of a museum intended by its founder to provide "spiritual refreshment" to all visitors, the Cafe at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum offers gustatory refreshment to match. The museum itself has enchanted visitors since its construction at the turn of the century; designed in the style of a fifteenth-century Venetian palazzo, it is much loved by Bostonians for its stunning art, perpetual blooms, and regular chamber concerts. Loyal patrons also appreciate it for a relatively new attraction: the small cafe, modestly conceived as a soup and sandwich shop, now famous for its fresh and imaginative fare. 

Mrs. Gardner's motto was "C'est mon plaisir," and a pleasure it is indeed just to read about such dishes as Chilled Nectarine Soup with Champagne; Onion, Walnut, and Swiss Quiche; Baby Lamb Chops with Cilantro, Butter; and Veal and Tomato Mousse. As developed by Lois Conroy, manager of the Cafe, these are surprising and delightful variations on traditional themes. Mrs. Gardner wanted her museum to provide an experience for all the senses, so it is befitting that the fare here is as attractive to the eye as it is to the palate -- as dazzlingly colorful, at times, as the flowers in the Museum's central courtyard. Best of all, Lois's creations are easy to prepare, and she has clearly translated her procedures for the home cook. 

Lois's recipes are accompanied by thirty reproductions of drawings, photographs, and objects from the Museum's extensive collection. Lovers of fine art and fine food alike will enjoy sharing Lois Conroy's secrets in these pages. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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