Fruit Tart Cookbook

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Format: , 141 pages. 

Copyright: 1982 

Publisher: Random House Value Publishing 

Author: Pamela Asquith 

ISBN: 9780517546215

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Description: What dessert could be more delicious than an open-faced fruit tart? Imagine a light, flaky crust, a thin, smooth layer of melt-in-your-mouth pastry cream and the brightest, freshest seasonal fruits delicately brushed with clear fruit glaze. 

Professional baker Pamella Z. Asquith shows you how to create stunning fruit tarts that look store-bought but definitely taste homemade. Once you learn the basic techniques, assembling a fruit tart will take you less than ten minutes. And you'll never have to endure soggy pastry or limp, tasteless fruit in a disappointing, over- priced tart from a bakery again. 

Pamella Z. Asquith's Fruit Tart Cookbook is filled with clear step-by-step instructions, illustrations and hundreds of tips from using dried fruit to arranging fruit tart patterns and a special chart that pin- points common pastry-making problems. The recipes include more than fifteen different pastry doughs (classic puff pastry, sweet pastry, nut pastry, coconut pastry, etc.); fifteen fillings (chocolate, custard, frangipane, classic cream pastry); eight fruit glazes and more than fifty recipes for fruit tarts from old favorites such as apple, pear and blueberry to new fruit sensations including kiwi, kumquat and quince. 

Fruit tarts are one of the most creative and beautiful desserts you can make; the variations are as endless as your imagination. You'll just have to learn to live with the well-meaning comment from friends and family -- "This fruit tart is so beautiful, where did you buy it?" 


Condition: Good condition. Minor stain pages' top exterior part. 

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