Frugal Colonial Housewife Cookbook

Frugal Colonial Housewife Cookbook is a 1976 printing of a cookbook published in the 1700s. It contains 500 recipes for all types of techniques like pickling, preserving, candying, and more. 


Format: Softcover, 140 pages. 

Copyright: 1976 

Publisher: Dolphin Books 

Author: Susannah Carter 

ISBN: 9780385112598

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Description: The Frugal Colonial Housewife is the only cookbook published in America between 1742 and 1796 retaining the original language and spelling with an introduction, glossary and illustrations by Jean McKibbin and various bills of fare for every month of the year. 

Over 500 recipes and instructions for the best methods of Candying, Collaring, Drying, Pickling, Potting, Preserving and Wine Making. 

Wherein The Art of Dressing all Sorts of Viands with Cleanliness, Decency, and Elegance is explained in 500 approved receipts, in Roasting, Boiling, Frying, Broiling, Gravies, Sauces, Stews, Hashes, Soups, Fricassees, Ragoos, Pastries, Pies, Tarts, Cakes, Puddings, Syllabubs, Creams, Flummery, Jellies, Giams, and Custards. Together with the Best Methods of Potting, Collaring, Preserving, Drying, Candying, Pickling, and making of English Wines. To which are prefixed, Various Bills of Fare, For Dinners and Suppers in every Month of the Year; and a copious Index to the whole. Originally published in 1742 by Susannah Carter.


Condition: Cover has some creases and small tears at edge and corners. Interior good condition. 

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