From Julia Child's Kitchen Cookbook

From Julia Child's Kitchen cookbook is a thick volume with tips, technique and a wealth of knowledge from one of the world's most famous chefs of all time. This 1975 First Edition from Knopf is a great collectible and cooking resource in one. 


Format: Softcover, 687 pages 

Copyright: 1982 

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf, Publisher 

Author: Julia Child 

ISBN: 9780394710273

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Description: Here, in this warm, generous, and informal book, based on her twenty-five years of accumulated experiences in the kitchen, and on her vast store of culinary knowledge, Julia Child shares the full range of her mastery of the art of cooking. Dedicated to the premise that French cooking is simply good cooking -- "taking ordinary everyday ingredients and with a little bit of love and imagination turning them into something appealing, even exciting" -- she applies that principle to everything she touches, from hard-boiled eggs to flaming fish, from the humble hamburger to a goose ragout. And for the first time, she breaks out of the French cuisine, developing her own lasagna, curry dinner, chicken Kiev, fish chowder, roast turkey, whole grain bread, fruitcake, even apple Betty. 

Written with the same consummate responsibility to the reader that makes all her books different from all others -- with the passion for accuracy, the deter­mination to tell us everything we need to know -- From Julia Child's Kitchen cookbook also has new and special features for which it will be particularly valued. 

  • Many new recipes that encompass everyday foods, making use of less expensive meat cuts and good earth produce like lentils and turning them into absolutely delicious fare.
  • Recipes from the classic French repertory are seen from a different viewpoint, conceived in ways that Julia herself has developed, often in direct response to questions from readers and television viewers.
  • Threaded throughout the book -- priceless culinary wisdom, the result t of her own trials and errors and of exhaustive research. This book is a gold mine of in­formation on everything from how to outsmart the supermarket, how to open an oyster, and how to avoid the wrong apple, to coping with rock-hard brown sugar, understanding chocolate, and cracking the real secret of ever-green, crisp vegetables.
  • Precious guidance in using time-saving equipment -- the pressure cooker, degreasing devices, the right rotary beater, Teflon pans, the microwave oven, the freezer, the new electric super-blender-food-proc­essor.
  • Invaluable lessons in the principles of cooking she demonstrates how yeast works, so anyone can create his own bread, coffee cakes, doughnuts; she explains the theory of the simple sauces that almost make themselves -- and make such a bio, difference to big the taste of almost any dish.
  • Master recipes utterly explicit and complete for rank beginners, but designed now with special head­ings to enable more experienced cooks to skip what they already know. Plus countless ideas for variations and innovations to inspire the advanced cook.
  • Illustrated with how-to-do-it photographs as well as drawings (all from the cook's point of view, so that there is no need to reverse mentally left hand to right).
  • Charts giving standard names of meat cuts and how to use them ... An introduction to the metric system (the first American cookbook to prepare cooks for the inevitable).
  • Included in this book, for the first time in print: all the recipes that were demonstrated on the second series (in color) of The French Chef.

At the heart of this book is infectious Julia's own infectious love of cooking and her conviction that good cooking -- day in, day out -- is the only path to thrift, to speed, to efficiency, and, most important, to pleasure in the kitchen. 


Condition: Fair to poor condition. There is a dime sized spot covering a big section of pages that is at the bottom edge. There is red marker stripe on the outside pages when the book is shut it is seen.  

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