French Pastry: The Classic and Contemporary Recipes of Yves Thuries

French Pastry: The Classic and Contemporary Recipes of Yves Thuries is a sought-after cookbook from one of the finest pastry and master chefs in the world. This cookbook lists for over $100 used online across book sites. This cookbook includes over 520 desserts from 120 basic foundation recipes. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 389 pages. 

Copyright: 1996 

Publisher: Von Nostrand Reinhold 

Author: Yves Thuries  

ISBN: 9780442016852

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Description: Listen carefully, and you will hear the sound of contented sighs and whoops of jubilation from serious chefs around the world. Finally, the world-renowned series on French pastry and cooking by master chef Yves Thuries is available in English. This celebrated series is the benchmark culinary reference for professionals in France. Its translation is being heralded as a milestone in the culinary arts. Jacques Torres, pastry chef at the famed Le Cirque, calls the series "the new encyclopedia of baking and cooking." 

French Pastry, the first volume in this series of three dessert and pastry books, presents a truly encyclopedic collection of the classic preparations of baking and pastry: yeast doughs, puff pastry, sables, tarts, short- bread pastry, petits fours, cookies, pound cakes, individual pastries, and cakes. You'll find over 520 finished desserts, and detailed instructions for over 120 basic foundation recipes. Nearly every recipe is beautifully illustrated with a photograph, showing proper decoration and presentation. 

Professional chefs will delight in the organization of this book. Chef Thuries groups finished desserts and their variations in each category with succinct instructions. Line drawings accompany desserts that require assembly, clearly labeling each step and basic components. This time-saving device allows the reader to simply view how a dessert is constructed without having to read through each recipe. Recipes for components are then conveniently grouped and referenced. The comprehensive glossary of cooking terms and ingredients makes this professional reference accessible for culinary students as well as serious cooks. 

This series offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn the culinary secrets of Chef Yves Thuries, a renowned Compagnon who has won acclaim in a country that glitters with brilliant chefs. There is no English translation for Compagnon. This title represents a lifetime of dedicated apprenticeship and rigorous study that begins in youth and culminates in a tour of study with accomplished chefs throughout France. Each Compagnon bears a passionate respect for the art he is entrusted with passing on to the next generation. 

The work of Chef Thuries is inspirational. Anne Sterling, food critic, sums it up beautifully, "With the works of Yves Thuries on the shelf, the professional chef is never without inspiration." Enjoy. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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