Masterpieces of French Cuisine Cookbook

Masterpieces of French Cuisine Cookbook shares authentic recipes for the superlative dishes served in France's most honored restaurants.


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 344 pages. 

Copyright: 1971 

Publisher: The MacMillan Company 

Author: Andre Deroire 

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Description: Masterpieces of French Cuisine is a unique and unprecedented contribution to the art of cookery. In 200 recipes the greatest chefs in all of France reveal for the first time the ingredients and techniques for creating the specialties that have earned for them and their restaurants both international renown and the most coveted of culinary awards, the stars bf Michelin. Now you can re-create at home the sybaritic experience of dining in the most illustrious of French restaurants, meccas for gastronomes from all over the civilized world. 

The recipes, faithful reflections of regional French cuisine, are introduced by a general description of each area in France -- its traditional styles of cookery, including methods of preparation, cheeses, wines, desserts, sauces and the like. For example, in the section on the region of the Loire, a land of "white chateaux, of hillsides reddened with vines and the beautiful river with its slow golden ripples," the description of the royal salmon, the delicate shad, the fierce pike gliding through the waters is followed by the recipe for Brochet Beurre Blanc-Pike with White Butter Sauce. (The names of all recipes appear in both French and English.) In addition, each restaurant represented can be located by the area maps contained in the book. Accompanying the text are 135 full-color photographs and 70 in black and white. 

The cook will find the arrangement of the book highly practical. The recipes from each region appear in a general index arranged in categories from soups to desserts. To avoid repetition, such basics of French haute cuisine as stocks, sauces and butters are grouped in an appendix and marked with an asterisk in the recipe section in which they occur. No recipe is too difficult to follow in the home kitchen, and in only a few cases are substitutions necessary for ingredients available only in France -- and in such instances the alternatives are mentioned. 

Master but a few of these superb dishes and you will achieve a reputation incomparable! 

Even if you do not cook you will find Masterpieces of French Cuisine enthralling, for yourself and to share with friends. It is like a trip through all of France -- the beautiful and varied countryside, the wayside delights, the towns, villages and cities, each with its own ambience. Those who have visited the country will relish finding places remembered; those who plan a trip will want to explore the areas and dine at the famous restaurants with this volume as their guide. 

Most books on the cuisine of France are written by people from other countries, and some mysterious but vital essence is missing. Masterpieces of French Cuisine is as thoroughly French as its perfumes, its couture, its champagne -- and as incomparable. Now for the first time the glories of classic French cuisine are made available to the international gourmet, to duplicate in his own home. 


Condition: Good condition. Jacket has minor shelf wear. 

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