The French Cuisine of Your Choice

The French Cuisine of Your Choice cookbook offers simplified haute cuisine recipes with lighter alternatives for those following a diet. Isabelle Marique and Albert Jorant's cookbook provides 225 French recipes in all. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket and plastic protective sleeve, 356 pages. 

Copyright: 1981 

Publisher: Harper & Row 

Author: Isabelle Marique and Albert Jorant 

ISBN: 9780060380076

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Description: In The French Cuisine of Your Choice, French-born Albert Jorant and Belgian-born Isabelle Marique have adapted French cuisine for busy weight-and-health-conscious Americans to cook good, easy-to-prepare food low in calories and cholesterol.

The 225 recipes are what you need for eating in the French manner every day without spending long hours in the kitchen and without sacrificing your waistline.

Nearly all the recipes are pared down from the extravagant formulas of yesteryear. And -- unique to this cookbook -- many are accompanied by "light versions," alternate recipes that further reduce calories (and, often, preparation time) by substituting subtly flavored ricotta cheese or egg whites for butter, egg yolks, and cream, or by using a pressure cooker to make stock in minutes rather than hours. Each of these light versions has the delectable flavor and characteristic texture or consistency one would expect from the traditional French version. 

The French Cuisine of Your Choice is based on a knowledge of food that in Chef Jorant's case can reasonably be termed encyclopedic. A celebrated French chef, he is a born teacher with twenty years' experience at the Cordon Bleu and La Varenne schools in Paris. 

The book is also based on Isabelle Marique's day-to-day experience as a Manhattan wife and mother, as the proprietor of the Marique Cooking School in New York, and as the designer and distributor of her own line of imported black-steel bakeware. 

Together, their skills, techniques, and tricks of the trade translate into a book destined to provide you with many exceptional experiences in dining. 


Condition: Dust jacket has small tears. Further good condition. 

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