The French Cookie Book

The French Cookie Book guides you on how to make cookies that look amazing and taste and that put the spotlight on tasty and elegant French cookies. This is a comprehensive cookie with detailed recipes. Wow ... over 500 pages of treats and instruction. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 511 pages. 

Copyright: 1994. First edition 

Publisher: William Morrow and Company, Inc. 

Author: Bruce Healy with Paul Bugat 

ISBN: 9780688088330

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Description: Renowned pastry teacher Bruce Healy and master pastry chef Paul Bugat bring the delicious world of French cookies to the American home kitchen. The French Cookie Book is the comprehensive guide to preparing such perennial favorites as feathery Ladyfingers, tender Madeleines, and flaky Palm Leaves, as well as more unusual creations including sumptuous Gerbet Macaroons, buttery Nero's Ears, crisp Russian Lace, and the ultimate chocolaty French Brownie. 

Relatively small and elegant, French cookies look exquisite, almost like edible jewels.Yet they are also simple, quick to make, and do not require advance preparation or a battery of specialized equipment.  

The authors bring to bear their vast knowledge of the art of French pastry in their clear, precise recipes and thorough explanations. The first part of the book deals with cookies made from batters, including creamed butter and sugar; meringues; almond paste; and sponge cakes. The second part covers cookies made from pastry doughs -- sweet pastry doughs of the sable type and the flaky pastry dough known as feuilletage. Equipment, ingredients, product sources, measurements, and equivalences are all covered in the third part, along with detailed explanations on using a pastry bag and some basic preparations and procedures. 

The French Cookie Book is enlivened with pastry lore, historical tidbits, and anecdotes, making it a must for home cook and professional chef alike. For those interested in the science of baking, the Hows and Whys are explained in lucid and down-to-earth detail. This book promises to enchant and satisfy cookie fans everywhere. 


Condition: Very good condition. Dust jacket has minor shelf wear. 

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