Frances Virginia Tea Room Cookbook Atlanta Signed

Frances Virginia Tea Room Cookbook from Atlanta Georgia shares recipes from the Tea Room including its famous Chocolate Fudge Sauce, and its popular Fried Chicken. For those of you that collect tea room, hotel, inn, or restaurant cookbooks, this will be a treasure to add to your collection. This edition is hand signed by author Millie Coleman. It is also the 25th Anniversary Edition. 


Format: Softcover spiral bound, 196 pages. 

Copyright: 1996, Second Edition

Publisher: Mildred Huff Coleman

Author: Mildred Huff Coleman

ISBN: 9780965341615

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Description: For almost four decades, the "Frances Virginia" seemed to be as immortal a part of Atlanta as Coca-Cola or Nunnally's. From the time Frances Virginia Wikle Whitaker founded her Tea Room in the late 1920s, it was indelibly stamped with her taste and style. It was a place where ladies wore white gloves. It was elegant, it was decorous, and the food was sumptuous. 


The Frances Virginia Tea Room Cookbook tells all of the well-kept secrets. The recipe for the famous Chocolate Fudge Sauce has not been revealed for fifty years. No other restaurant has successfully duplicated the Hot Turkey Egg Bread Sandwich, and their incomparable Fried Chicken had a different ingredient in the breading that made it unique. But this cookbook has more than just dishes. These are recipes for remembrances of things past. 

Look away! Look away! The old Atlanta is almost gone. The old Frances Virginia is gone, but not entirely. It is lovingly secure in the memories of those who cherished the graciousness of the old city. If you never walked Peachtree Street in the 1930s, the 40s, these recipes will re-create a part of it. You can smell and taste and almost see how life was once at the Frances Virginia. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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