Appetizers, Dine with France's Master Chefs

Delices De France, Dine with France's Master Chefs, Appetizers, is a wonderfully visual cookbook with step-by-step photos and recipes for French appetizers including dishes like Eggplant au Gratin, Muenster and Cumin Turnovers, and Mushroom Cake with Black Sauce. If you love cookbooks with a lot of photography...this is the one for you!


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 240 pages. 

Copyright: 1999 

Publisher: Konemann 

Author: Konemann 

ISBN: 9783829027434

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Description: A well-prepared and enticing appetizer welcomes the guests to a meal, awakens the appetite and allows a preview of the quality and skill involved in the upcoming attractions. No matter what type of appetizers you create, as an overture to the main meal, they will demonstrate your willingness to please your guests. 

With the four-volume series Delices de France -- Dine with France's Master Chefs we invite you to discover for yourself the highlights of French cooking. The present volume. Appetizers, is dedicated to a variety of warm and cold dishes, both simple and refined, that will help you set the tone for a successful several-course meal. This collection of recipes from the most renowned French chefs invites you to peek into their kitchens, lift the tops off their pots, sample their specialties, and learn the tips and tricks of the fine art of cooking. 

How about a medley of langoustine and artichokes, or bay scallops and zucchini to stimulate the palate? Or perhaps you prefer a more traditional appetizer of stuffed peppers or stuffed mushrooms? Maybe more exquisite variations like warm oysters or an escargot casserole are more to your liking. Whatever your choice, you will find the appropriate drink recommended for every recipe. 

Let yourself be charmed by the fantasy and creative genius of more than 40 masters of French cuisine. Whether you wish to conjure up the tastes and smells fondly remembered from past trips to France's gourmet temples, or simply want to explore the wealth of flavors in French cuisine, with Delices de France -- Appetizers you will be sure to reach your goal successfully with the help of clear step- by-step instructions and detailed color photos. In addition you will learn interesting facts about the background, history, and unique features of each recipe and the creators who helped bring the masterpieces to you. 

Delices de France is an homage to French cooking. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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