Four-Star Desserts Cookbook

Four-Star Desserts Cookbook is Emily Luchetti's collection of over 150 easy-to-prepare desserts. The cookbook also has some beautiful photos of many of the desserts. Luchetti is a top baker and chef from California and designs desserts for their taste so you can be assured that each and every dessert you try from this cookbook will be as amazing as it sounds. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 252 pages 

Copyright: 2000 

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers 

Author: Emily Luchetti 

ISBN: 9780060173159

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Description: Emily Luchetti draws on years of experience as one of California's preeminent bakers and chefs to create a book of truly innovative and delectable desserts. In her debut book. Stars Desserts, Emily demonstrated that her artful creations are worth every calorie. Now, in this luscious follow-up collection, she presents 150 more great-tasting and easy desserts, along with forty-three mouthwatering four-color photographs, for the satisfaction of every lucky diner and cook. 

The simply stated recipes are organized according to their chief ingredient. Summer berries lift desserts up to a new level of taste and complexity. Fall fruits bring depth and crispness. Chocolate, in its infinite variety of uses and presentations, is supremely satisfying. 

These recipes are as easy to follow as they are original. Spiced Cheesecake with a Walnut Crust needs no embellishment or decoration. An unpretentious Strawberry Cratin can be conjured with a minimum of fuss or forethought. Mexican Chocolate Cream Cake with a cinnamon mousse is an exotic treat for the ambitious. And Candied Citrus Peels are simple and imaginative after-dinner bites. 

Each recipe is written to emphasize substance and taste over fussy presentation. Emily, a traditionalist, believes that what's inside dessert matters a lot more than how it looks."Just as beauty is only skin-deep, a dessert needs substance to be enjoyed and appreciated," she says. 

More than the sweet capper to a meal, desserts can be a life-enriching experience. "For several seconds, you are focused solely on the food in front of you," says Emily. "All concerns and problems temporarily recede. Desserts may not solve the world's problems, but they do offer respite." 

Four-Star Desserts is a lavishly illustrated collection certain to enrich your own dessert-making experience and make it easier for you -- and those close to you -- to find that brief spot of calm. 


Condition: A few pages have creased corner tips. Further nice condition. 

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