Second Ford Treasury of Favorite Recipes Cookbook

Second Ford Treasury of Favorite Recipes Cookbook from the Women's City Club of Detroit  showcases the popular cookbook design that Ford cookbooks were published in during the past. There are some amazing restaurant illustrations inside this Second Ford Treasury of Favorite Recipes. We highly recommend this for collectors. 


Format: Hardcover, 253 pages. 

Copyright: 1954 

Publisher: Simon and Schuster 

Author: Women's City Club of Detroit 

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Description: Like its predecessor, this book is an almanac of good eating. Whether you go by automobile or in imagination, it takes you on a gourmet's tour of the United States. In these famous restaurants and their specialties much of America's history is reflected. Here are taverns that played host to Washington, a restaurant that was a log home, and one with an actual trading post on its grounds. You can have johnny cakes in an inn that was a pre-Revolutionary grist mill and bean soup in the restaurant founded by a protege of Buffalo Bill. 

In these paintings, descriptions, and recipes of famous eating places are found also the atmosphere and cuisine of other countries. Here are an English chop house; Scandinavian, Russian, and Armenian restaurants; and one establishment where meals are served by Sikhs and Hindus in native costume. 

From Maine to California, these dining places are set in spots of natural beauty. One has a mountain stream running through it; the dance floor of another is in the mouth of a huge. cave. There are restaurants in the heart of the blue grass country, on a ranch, in skiing areas. 

This book's "tour" takes you also into restaurants with fascinating decor. One is decorated with Easter Island idols. There is one patterned after a Roman temple. Others house collections of early American flags, heads of game animals, and antique rifles. 

For the motorist's convenience, this book groups the eating places geo- graphically and tells their exact locations and when they are open. Like the restaurants, this book promises good food with dividends of attractive settings. 


Condition: Good condition with minor shelf wear. 

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