The Food of Malaysia

The Food of Malaysia gives you authentic recipes from the crossroads of Asia. Here is a book of delicious Malaysian recipes with photographs of the finished dishes. 


Format: Softcover, 120 pages. 

Copyright: 1995 

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing 

Author: Wendy Hutton 

ISBN: 9789625930015

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Description: The remarkable diversity of Malaysia and its exciting cuisines are brought to life in this truly unique collection of recipes. Much more than just a cookbook, The Food of Malaysia provides an in-depth look at the ethnic and cross-cultural influences which have produced exotic dishes like Salted Fish and Pineapple Curry, Black Pepper Crab, Mutton Soup, Eggplant with Basil and Portuguese Baked Fish. 

Stunning photographs and detailed information on local ingredients and cooking techniques make The Food of Malaysia an ideal introduction to the food and culinary lore of The Crossroads of Asia. 

Malaysia's cuisine is an exciting blend of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Eurasian and Nonya cooking. Drawing on their multi-ethnic heritage, Malaysians have developed unique variations on Asian favorites like Malay satay, Chinese fried noodles and Indian curry puffs. Added to this are exotic creations like fiery Portuguese Baked Fish prepared by Malacca's Eurasian community, Kelantanese Nasi Kerabu (rice blended with handfuls of freshly chopped herbs) and savory Butter Shrimp -- a dish that blends seasonings from all of Malaysia's major ethnic groups. This book provides a selection of unforgettable recipes, while at the same time introducing the reader to the nation's diverse cultural and culinary traditions. 

The cooks of Jonkers Restaurant, Malacca, and Bon Ton Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur, are a perfect microcosm of Malaysia, encompassing all the major ethnic groups and cooking styles found in the country. Although they work as professional chefs, these recipes which they share with you are not conventional restaurant dishes but the sort of food today's Malaysians cook and enjoy in their own homes. There's everything from grandmother secrets to recently created cross-cultural dishes, all part of the ever-evolving Malaysian food scene. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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