Food of India Cookbook

Food of India Cookbook includes 85 Indian reicpes, including tandoori. Chapati and Puri (Unleavened Bread and Deep Fried Bread, Dum Aloo and Aloo Posta (Spiced Potatos in Yogurt and Potatoes with Poppy Seeds), and Makai Gosht (Lamb and Corn Curry) are some of the reicpes found inside Food of India Cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 132 pages. 

Copyright: 1998 

Publisher: Periplus Editions 

Author: Jasit Purewal 

ISBN: 9789625933917

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Description: Widely acknowledged as one of the world's great cuisines, Indian food has traditions stretching back three thousand years. Over the centuries, new religions, new ingredients and new ideas have resulted in a cuisine as varied as the vast subcontinent itself.  

This contemporary selection of 85 recipes includes dishes from Christian Kerala and Hindu Tamil Nadu, from Portuguese-influenced Goa and the elegant Mughal courts of Hyderabad, as well as tandoori favorites from the Punjab. In addition to presenting a wide range of recipes, The Food of India introduces the reader to the fascinating culinary traditions of India. 

Striking color photography and detailed information on cooking techniques make this cookbook the perfect introduction to creatively spiced dishes you can produce at home. 


Condition: Dust jacket has some creasing at bottom edge. Further good condition. 

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