Food of Australia Cookbook

Food of Australia Cookbook Brings you the recipes of Australia's leading chefs. There are 70 recipes inside that capture the culture and flavors of Australian cuisine and enable you to prepare each and every recipe in your home kitchen. 


Format: Softcover, 144 pages 

Copyright: 1995

Publisher: Periplus Editions 

Author: Periplus Editions Editors 

ISBN: 9725930248

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Description: The remarkable geographic and ethnic diversity of Australia has laid the foundations for the country's new culinary identity. Drawing on European, Asian, Middle Eastern and native Australian ingredients and cooking styles, the country's young and innovative chefs have melded these influences into a fresh and unique style of cooking. 

This book presents a cross-section of recipes from 22 of Australia's leading chefs. Lively essays by Australian culinary experts introduce the history, culture and diverse influences which have shaped the development of contemporary Australian cuisine. 

The Food of Australia cookbook presents over 70 easy-to-follow recipes with detailed descriptions, enabling enthusiastic cooks anywhere to capture the unique flavours of this remarkable continent. 

Periplus World Cookbooks presents classic dishes from around the globe in their authentic form and context. This series was conceived in Bali in 1993 over a dinner of grilled fish and copious bottles of Bintang beer, by a group of avid travellers and long-time residents of Asia. Led by Periplus publisher Eric Oey, the World Cookbooks team views food as an integral part of each country's culture as well as delightful and indispensable part of the travel experience. 


Condition: Cover has some surface scratches and worn laminate. Further good condition. 

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