Foods of Chicago A Delicious History

Foods of Chicago A Delicious History was published as a companion cookbook to TV food show, The Foods of Chicago. This is a visually-stunning cookbook with many color photos of recipes and black-and-white historic photos of Chicago. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 152 pages. 

Copyright: 2007 

Publisher: G Bradley Publishing 

Author: Diane Gannon, Gloria Baraks, Mark Weinstein, and Liz Roy 

ISBN: 9780977451258

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Description: Chicago was built by immigrants and, in creating this urban behemoth, these newcomers got their hands dirty. First, they toiled to clear and rebuild the city from the charred remains of the Great Fire. They labored in the awesome and fearsome vast Union Stockyards and faced the fiery furnaces of the mighty steel mills. Many took pride in their workmanship, raising and supporting the impressive World's Columbian Exposition of 1893. 

These immigrants came to a Lake Michigan shoreline paved not with gold, but with opportunity. They raised families, taught their children and built divinely inspired houses of worship. They opened the door for people of every nation and culture to come and share the intense drama of life in a growing city. 

But even as they aspired to become fully American, these immigrants did not leave everything of their old worlds behind them. They brought memories, photographs, languages and faiths. They also brought Grandma's recipes, the cherished taste of home reminding them of the love and warmth of their roots. Indeed, they were defined by what they put on the table. 

This publication is a companion piece to the television program The Foods of Chicago: A Delicious History, produced by WTTW11 Chicago's public television station. WTTW producer Dan Protess and host Geoffrey Baer see the program and book as a celebration of Chicago's diversity. Dan summed it up perfectly when he said, "I really can't think of a better window into Chicago's distinct communities than food." 

The Foods of Chicago: A Delicious History is a wonderful blend, a book like no other. Much like a recipe that offers delightful combinations to entice the senses, this book is a delectable mixture of culinary delights and reflections on the rich cultural history of Chicago's diverse communities. You and your family will enjoy and cherish this book for years to come. 


Condition: Good condition. Dust jacket top corner has some worn paper. 

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