The Food and Drink of Mexico

The Food and Drink of Mexico is a 1964 vintage cookbook with Mexican recipes. This treasure explores the recipes of Mexico City restaurants and food stalls. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 190 pages. 

Copyright: 1964 

Publisher: Ward Ritchie Press 

Author: George C. Booth 

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Description: The Food of Mexico is much more than beans and tamales. The Mexican cook is ingenious and adaptable and in a country extending from the semi-arid north to the tropical jungles of the south and from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific there are innumerable variations even in the basic recipes. The Spaniards brought from the Old World the foods they had known but, when they arrived on the seacoast of Mexico, they ate dishes they had never dreamed of. There were fish wrapped in banana leaves and roasted in a small pit with sweet potatoes, shrimp or oysters in a sauce of tomatoes and chili, bananas, savory papayas, and juicy pineapples. Corn was ground on the stone mefafe and soaked in lime water, to make the tortilla which was rolled around meat or seafood. 

The old foods of Spain and the new foods of Mexico were blended with intuitive skill, and these people never hesitated in substituting the ingredients they had for those they lacked and, with imaginative daring, they added their favorite herbs and local vegetables to create a great variety of appetizing dishes. As in their food so in their drinks the Mexicans love variety. A visit to a Mexican liquor store is a tantalizing and intriguing experience. 

Dr. George C. Booth, who is professor of English at Long Beach State College in California is a renowned "Chef of the West" and an afficionado of Latin America. He spent many years in Mexico sampling food from all quarters -- the fabulous restaurants of Mexico City and the small stalls of the villages -- collecting the recipes in this book. They were found in the simple as well as the great homes as he traveled the many states of Mexico in his search for authentic and exceptional dishes. It is a book of Mexican cookery which will delight and intrigue those interested in distinctive and unusual food, with drink recipes from all Latin America. 


Condition: Jacket has small torn off piece of paper. Further good condition. 

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