Fondues & Hot Pots

Fondues and Hot Pots features 150 recipes from around the world for Asian one-pot dishes, fondues, and hot pots. Enjoy a range of tabletop meals for everything from appetizers to desserts. 


Format: Softcover, 245 pages. 

Copyright: 2001 

Publisher: HP Trade 

Author: Susan Fuller Slack 

ISBN: 9781557883698

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Description: With the easy recipes in Fondues & Hot Pots, both novices and accomplished cooks can whip up savory, gourmet meals in minutes flat. These recipes hail from around the globe (Swiss Raclette and Thai Seafood Hot Pot both melt in your mouth), and are sure to delight your family as they choose, dip and sizzle their favorites. And since these tabletop meals require little last-minute preparation, you can skip the stress and join in the fun too. 

Fondues & Hot Pots is... 

  • a smorgasbord of approximately 150 delicious recipes 
  • a unique guide to the many different tabletop cooking pots -- with safety tips for each 
  • a collection of cook's tips and techniques 
  • a vast array of dunks and dippers 
  • a comprehensive, soup-to-nuts foundation for creating complete menus, including sauces, salsas and side dishes 

From basic stocks to steaming woks, family-style fondue leaves time to talk. Discover the ease and convenience of fondues and hot pots...then sit back and dip in! 


Condition: Good condition. 

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