Fish and Shellfish: From Shrimp to Swordfish

This visual cookbook Fish and Shellfish: From Shrimp to Swordfish, comes straight from London restaurateur and top seafood chef Aldo Zilli. Fish never looked so good. There are over 100 recipes inside to choose from, many with step-by-step photos. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 143 pages. 

Copyright: 2011 

Publisher: Castle Books 

Author: Aldo Zilli 

ISBN: 9780785826934

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Description: Fish expert Aldo Zilli says "My love affair with fish started early. At the age of 11, I worked for my local fishmonger on the Italian Adriatic coast, and was paid in fish. I've been fanatical about fish ever since and am delighted to share with you my knowledge of and passion for the subject in Fish & Shellfish." 

Aldo's straightforward approach and accessible recipes put the fun back into fish. Covering everything from how to tell if fish is really fresh to the best cooking methods for each type -- from barbecuing to steaming and roasting to poaching in milk and baking in foil -- Fish & Shellfish includes more than 100 delicious recipes, divided into five sections, that are guaranteed to tempt even the most nervous of fish cooks: 

  • Round Fish including recipes such as Deep-fried Cod and Chips, Tahini Baked Haddock and Oriental Squid 
  • Flat Fish including Mediterranean-style Brill, Lemon Sole in Parchment and Turbot with Beetroot and Potato Rosti 
  • Oily Fish including Salmon Stuffed with Crab and Spinach, Swordfish Paillard on Caesar Salad and Rolled and Filled Herrings 
  • Exotics including Tilapia with Fruit Sauce, Shark Steaks Moroccan Style and Braised Barramundi with Shellfish 
  • Shellfish including Prawn Souffle, Spaghetti with Fresh Lobster, Crayfish Ravioli and Oyster Tempura 

The cookbook also includes a comprehensive guide to the various preparation techniques -- each of which is illustrated with clear step-by-step pictures -- from cleaning, gutting and filleting fish, to cutting steaks and stuffing and rolling fish parcels. So whether you are looking for an everyday recipe for lunch or supper or a dish for a special occasion there is something for everyone in Fish & Shellfish. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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