Fireside at Glendorn Lodge Cookbook - Pennsylvania

Fireside at Glendorn Lodge cookbook contains recipes from the Bradford, Pennsylvania "Lodge in the Country." The cookbook's recipes will delight the home cook and fans of Glendorn alike. Acorn Squash and Apple Spice Soup, Almond-Crusted Grouper with Cilantro and Cumin -Infused Lobster Gazpacho Sauce and Blackberry Creme Brulee. If these recipes sound good to you, then you'll enjoy this wonderful cookbook. 


Format: Paperback spiral bound, 134 pages 


Publisher: Keepsake Enterprises, Inc. 

Author: Dianna G. Gupton 

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Description: The Glendorn Story 

In the late 1920's a father and son walked along a favorite fishing stream in the forested hills of northwestern Pennsylvania. Life was good; their business was prospering, their family was growing. The father, Clayton Glenville (C.G.) Dorn and his son, Forest, had developed an innovative process that extracted oil from fields long abandoned by the then-major oil companies. C.G., or "Bondieu" to his family, was a family man, and as his family expanded into three generations, he foresaw the desirability of having a place for its members to gather and rejuvenate the family ties. A favorite fishing camp along the edge of Fuller Brook became the first cabin built on the 1280 acres that Bondieu acquired in 1928. The next year a large redwood lodge was built on a hillock across the stream. In subsequent years the original cabin was enlarged for Erla, C.G.'s daughter, and more cabins were built for Forest's five sons and one daughter. As the children married and the family grew larger, Glendorn became the cornerstone for the Dorn, Miller, and Bird families. 

Each summer the family would come "home" from Texas, Louisiana, Colorado and Oklahoma where the oil business was prospering. Meals were always served at the Big House, unless a celebration called for an event at one of the lakes or up on the hills. Traditions developed: family picnics at Bondieu Lake, lazy breakfasts, spit-roasting in the fireplace. Hearty, good food was a must. Through the years the Glendorn kitchen staff published a cookbook, eagerly sought after by family members and friends. The tradition continues with the publication of this volume.  

Today, Glendorn, A Lodge in the Country, still belongs to the Dorn, Miller, and Bird families. But now they share these rejuvenating vacation hideaway. Guests can dine with newfound friends at the same tables used by the family, intimately at tables for two, or fireside in one of the two suites in the Big House. A spectacular fall day may find us dining, as the family did every Sunday at lunch, at the Traphouse after a round of shooting skeet or trap. During the summer, the expansive grounds lend themselves to picnics, perhaps a backpack lunch at the Hideout or an organized picnic at Skipper lake. So come with us, meander back to a simpler time along a forest stream known as Fuller Brook, and enjoy a taste of Glendora. 


Condition: Cover, interior pages and spiral are in very nice condition. There is a very small spot on page 39 and some pen notes on the recipe of the same page. 

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