Fine Art Italian Cooking - Bugialli Cookbook

The Fine Art Italian Cooking - Bugialli Cookbook was created by one of the masters of Italian cooking. Three-hundred recipes make up the cookbook along with techniques by Bugialli. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 668 pages  

Copyright: 1989. Updated and Expanded Edition 

Publisher: Random House, Inc. 

Author: Giuliano Bugialli  

ISBN: 9780812918380

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Description:  The Fine Art of Italian Cooking is considered the definitive cookbook on Italian cuisine, and Giuliano Bugialli is one of the foremost teachers of that country's revered cooking techniques. Now, this incomparable cookbook has been updated, expanded, and beautifully redesigned. With over 300 recipes, including 30 specially researched for this edition, and 75 detailed easy-to-follow line drawings, this complete revision has made the classic cookbook even better. 

Bugialli focuses on the extraordinary range of Tuscan cooking and includes popular recipes from the other regions of Italy. The book's extensive chapters cover every kind of pasta—fresh, dried, stuffed—breads, sauces, antipasti, meat and fish, poultry, risotti, vegetables, and the wonderful range of Italian desserts—from simple poached fruit to magnificent filled pastries and tortes. Among the dishes are: risotto with spinach; ossobuco with peas; Florentine style polenta with meat sauce; Italian spongecake. 

Bugialli has refined and corrected the entire text. The ingredients lists, instructions and cooking times for all the recipes have been improved and clarified, wine lists have been revised, and notes on such staples as olive oil, dried Italian herbs, and cheeses have been updated to reflect the public's increased knowledge of and interest in Italian cuisine. 

In its elegant modernized format, loaded with expert advice accumulated in Bugialli's nearly twenty years of teaching and cooking experience, the revised Fine Art of Italian Cooking will continue to bring the great Italian culinary tradition to the American table. 


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in very nice condition. Dust jacket's top corner tips show some minor shelf wear. 

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