False Tongues and Sunday Bread - Guatemalan and Mayan Cookbook

False Tongues and Sunday Bread cookbook is a Guatemalan and Mayan cookbook from Copeland Marks. This collectible original 1985 edition has received the highest online reviews from cooks. This cookbook offers 300 recipes for cuisines that are rarely a cookbook's sole focus. Don't miss this! 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 408 pages  

Copyright: 1985 (original edition)

Publisher: M. Evans and Company, Inc. 

Author: Copeland Marks 

ISBN: 9780871314666

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Description: Nowhere is that dedication more evident than in the sublime collection of Guatemalan and Mayan recipes in False Tongues and Sunday Bread. 

The Maya -- the Indians who inhabited parts of Mexico and Central America in pre-Hispanic times -- left the modern world a legacy of remarkable cooking that is still practiced in cliffside huts and middle-class haciendas. Copeland Marks, co-author of the highly acclaimed The Indonesian Kitchen, has traveled widely throughout Guatemala and other countries that bear the Mayan heritage, in order to introduce us to the everyday pleasures of this little-known cuisine. 

For anyone who loves the taste of tamales, tortillas, and pungent sauces, this book will provide a rich adventure that begins with -- but goes far beyond -- those staples of the corn kitchen. 

The recipes, which improbably combine ideas from India, Africa, the Caribbean, Great Britain and Spain, reveal a delightful and accessible cuisine. 

Here are three hundred recipes, including soups, rice and bean dishes, meats and fish, vegetables, salads and pickles, desserts, sweets and drinks, that will add new sparkle to any chef's repertoire. "False Tongues," for example, are tasty Guatemalan meat loaves prepared and shaped like beef tongues, and "Sunday Bread" is a traditional cheese-flavored bread served on Sundays in El Salvador. Suggested menus and a glossary of terms and ingredients are also included. 


Condition: Bookboards, interior pages and dust jacket are in very nice condition. 

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