Festa Cookbook Recipes from Italian Holidays

Festa Cookbook Recipes from Italian Holidays is a unique cookbook with a calendar year of Italian holiday recipes. This cookbook is especially enjoyable for Italian-American families that wish to celebrate in the traditional style of their ancestors. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 366 pages 

Copyright: 1988, First Edition 

Publisher: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers 

Author: Helen Barolini 

ISBN: 9780151306305

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Description: Festa the Italian word for feast and holiday, a word that perfectly expresses the special relationship that exists between food and celebration. Nowhere is this relationship stronger than in the cooking of Italy, which is richly flavored with traditions that have slowly grown around the important saints' days, the moveable feasts, the civic holidays, and the seasonal observances. Advent, Christmas, Carnival, May Day, Midsummer's Night, Republic Day, All Hallows' Eve, and the numerous other feste all have their distinctive dishes and menus. 

In the context of a charming memoir, Helen Barolini takes the reader through a calendar year of holidays, providing for each month a collection of traditional, wonderfully tantalizing recipes so that we can literally taste every festa. Lovers of food and Italy will be enchanted. 


Condition: Good condition.  

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