Favorite New Orleans Recipes Cookbook

Favorite New Orleans Recipes Cookbook offers 119 recipes from the region. With a blend of English, Spanish and French cuisines, the flavors of New Orleans are sure to satisfy cooks all over the U.S. 


Format: Paperback spiral bound, 119 pages 

Copyright: 1989. Eighth Printing 

Publisher: Pelican Publishing Company 

Author: Suzanne Ormond, Mary E. Irvine, and Denyse Cantin 

ISBN: 9780882891989

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Description: New Orleanians have elevated the pleasures of cooking and con­suming to a highly skilled, sophisticated art form. In this volume, published simultaneously in English, French, and Spanish edi­tions, the authors have assembled what they consider the 119 rec­ipes most representative of New Orleans home cuisine. 

The authors have drawn extensively from the three primary cultures -- English, French, and Spanish -- that have contributed most to refining the city's culinary specialties, in many cases un­locking nineteenth century cooking secrets discovered in old handwritten notes.  

The carefully compiled recipes are explained in detail, include metric measures, and may be prepared perfectly, even by the beginning cook. Balanced categories make the volume simple but complete, so that everyone, from gourmet chef to neophyte cook, may enjoy the pleasures of a wide range of food many regard the best in the world. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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