My Favorite Maryland Recipes Cookbook

My Favorite Maryland Recipes Cookbook from 1964 comes to you from the wife of the state's former Governor. She brings you regional recipes from Maryland like corn pudding, clams, biscuits, and more. This is a wonderful vintage cookbook that is enjoyable for both cooking and collecting. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket and plastic protective sleeve, 179 pages. 

Copyright: 1964 

Publisher: Random House 

Author: Mrs. J. Millard Tawes 

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Description: The wife of Maryland's ex-Governor, a famous cook, and the daughter of a famous cook, has put together here great Maryland recipes from the past and present -- recipes for which the state is noted the world over. Terrapin, clams, oysters, beaten biscuits, corn pudding -- all the great foods of Maryland are to be found in this selective, simple, easy-to-follow cookbook. 

Blessed with delicately flavored seafood and game, Maryland still has a cuisine all its own. There's Maryland crab imperial, Maryland oyster pie, baked trout, roast Maryland turkey, even Maryland cooked muskrat and, of course, the elegant Maryland diamondback terrapin soup. You can find recipes for all these wonderful dishes and many more in this new cookbook. 

Many of the recipes Mrs. Tawes learned as a girl from her mother, then as a bride from her mother-in-law. Many others have been adapted by the author for the modern home, where time, money and calories often overrule tradition. You'll find recipes for all your different needs, from an elegant chicken mousse for ten to delicious hamburgers prepared in a twinkling by adding onion soup mix to the meat. Traditional or modern, Mrs. Tawes' directions are easy to follow, bound to succeed. 


Condition: Jacket has minor shelf wear and several tears. Interior cover has a label sticker from the original owner. Further good condition. 

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