Fairmount Temple Sisterhood Cookbook: Cleveland, Ohio Jewish

Fairmount Temple Sisterhood Cookbook contains recipes from the Cleveland, Ohio Jewish temple. Recipes contain the name of their contributor. There is a blend of favorite recipes, among the many Jewish and holiday or festival dishes including Tzimmes, Kreplach, Knishes, Klesse, and more. 


Format: Hardcover, 387 pages. 

Copyright: 1988, Fifth Printing 

Publisher: The Fairmount Temple Sisterhood, Inc. 

Author: Members of The Fairmount Temple Sisterhood, Cleveland. 

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Description: In 1948 the Euclid Avenue Temple Sisterhood issued its first Cookbook to commemorate its 40th anniversary. The book was a huge success and has long been out of print. And now to fill many requests the Sisterhood again issues a new and completely revised edition under a new name, The Fairmount Cookbook. 

The Jewish family has always been singled out as an integrated unity, marked by solidarity and stability, held together by ties of devotion and loyalty, love and warmth, which in no small degree was generated in the kitchen. 

Jewish cookery has played a great part and has contributed mightily to the classic survival of the family. Every Holy Day and Holiday was an occasion for the Jewish housewife and mother to display her culinary art for which she has become famous. The phrase "This is how Mother used to make it" has become a byword. Mother's modern daughter has retained the old recipes but has subtracted calories and kept them just as delicious—so I hope! 


Condition: Excellent condition.

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