Exotic Kitchens of Malaysia Cookbook

Exotic Kitchens of Malaysia Cookbook offers 250 recipes for both amateur and professional chefs that want to explore this impressive cuisine. Malaysian cooking varies by region and this cookbook reflects that diversity. Enjoy a Rendang dish or a Malaysian satay. You'll be hooked. We promise. 

Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 306 pages 

Copyright: 1997, First Printing 

Publisher: Donald I. Fine Books 

Author: Copeland Marks 

ISBN: 9781556115264

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Description: Copeland Marks has ventured into the diverse kitchens of Malaysia and the island of Borneo, where three very different cultures combine to produce an astounding array of exciting food. The Chinese, native Malays, and Indians who inhabit Malaysia take full advantage of their tropical climate, which produces a cornucopia of fruits, vegetables, and herbs unmatched in the world. Regional differences are pronounced. Some recipes reflect the centuries of influence China has had in Malaysia, such as Kuah Teow (rice noodles with chicken), one of the most popular dishes from Ipoh, a city known as a diner's paradise. 

Other recipes reflect the Muslim avoidance of pork, as in the Malay recipe for Rendang (slow-cook spiced beef, featured on the cover). Indian customs are revealed in dishes such as this lunch favorite served in many restaurants: large quantities of rice with meat, fish, or vegetarian curries, all presented on a banana leaf. Visits to kampongs (villages) throughout Malaysia introduce the fascinating customs and unique traditions that have produced healthful vegetarian specialties as well as flavorful ways to serve fish. A wonderful selection of soups and a special Malay wedding menu showcase the many ways to celebrate and enjoy this distinctive cuisine. 

Ideal for beginning cooks and experienced chefs alike, Copeland Marks's in-depth exploration of Malaysia's rich culture has yielded more than 250 accessible, easy-to-follow recipes featuring readily available ingredients. His enthusiasm for food translates into any language -- and can be re-created in any kitchen. 


Condition: Very nice condition. 

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