Everybody's Wokking Cookbook - Martin Yan

Martin Yan's Everybody's Wokking Cookbook shares nearly 120 recipes for all types of Asian recipes from Chinese to Thai. Easy-to-prepare, Yan's dishes will make your wok sing with Glazed Chicken Wings, Chicken Coconut Soup and Fiery Hunan Beef.  


Format: Paperback, 176 pages  

Copyright: 1991 

Publisher: Harlow & Ratner 

Author: Martin Yan 

ISBN: 9780962734502

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Description: Chinese wok cooking is not only one of the easiest ways to cook, it's also one of the most healthful, fastest, and most fun.  

As millions of devoted television viewers know, no one woks better than Martin Yan, internationally renowned Chinese chef and star of the enormously popular PBS series "Yan Can Cook." 

In this, his fifth cookbook, Martin Yan brings together nearly 120 exciting new recipes for soups, appetizers, main dishes, salads, and desserts. Alongside fondly remembered childhood favorites and a wide variety of Chinese regional specialties are an intriguing assortment of Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, and Korean dishes brought back from his recent travels in Asia. The recipes are easy to prepare and are supplemented by clear explanations of basic Asian ingredients and cooking techniques; many of the finished dishes are illustrated in stunning colored photographs by Geoffrey Nilsen. 

Even if you've never cooked in a wok before, you can enjoy mouthwatering Glazed Chicken Wings, fiery Kung Pao Scallops, or a Thai Pork and Basil Stir-Fry tonight. You can surprise your family with Popping Clams, Chicken Coconut Soup, Gingered Yams, or Hoisin Lamb Kabobs. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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