Essentials of Grilling: Williams-Sonoma

Essentials of Grilling: Williams-Sonoma is a comprehensive cookbook with recipes and techniques for outdoor cooking. Full color photos accompany the 130 recipes inside this stunning Williams-Sonoma cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 303 pages. 

Copyright: 2005 

Publisher: Oxmoor House 

Author: Melanie Barnard  

ISBN: 9780848731335

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Description: Grill-marked T-bone steaks drizzled with fruity olive oil and lemon juice. Marinated lamb chops sizzling on a smoky fire. A platter of spicy, sticky spareribs on a backyard picnic table. A spit-roasted chicken served on the deck on a warm July evening. Skewers of grilled swordfish ready for dipping into a grilled bell pepper and garlic sauce. Lightly charred ears of fresh corn dripping with herbed butter. The secrets behind grilling these irresistible plates and dozens more can be found in Williams-Sonoma Essentials of Grilling. 

This information-packed volume begins with detailed descriptions of grilling equipment and cooking techniques, including a discussion of the differences between cooking over charcoal and gas. Also explained are how to create "true barbecue" on a conventional outdoor grill and how to cook meats and poultry on a rotisserie spit. Every stage of the grilling process, from starting the fire to regulating the heat to using heat zones to cook foods expertly, is presented in clearly delineated step-by-step photographs and text.. 

More than 130 recipes follow, all of which include individual instructions for gas and charcoal grills and offer a wealth of appetizing ideas -- both traditional and innovative -- for grilling meats, poultry, seafood, and vegetables. Each of the seven recipe chapters begins with advice on buying and preparing its subject. Charming and instructive meat, poultry, and fish "maps" serve as handy guides to specific cuts or types suitable for grilling. The recipes travel the globe for their inspiration, moving from the barbecued brisket of Texas and the pulled pork of North Carolina to the chimichurri-sauced steaks of Argentina, the souvlakia of Greece, and the bistecca alia fiorentina of Italy. 

A glossary, a section on basic culinary techniques, and a collection of favorite rubs, marinades, and sauces for the grill complete this indispensable volume, leaving the reader fully prepared to fire up the grill. 


Condition: Very small tear in dust jacket and minor indentation in cover's top edge. Further good condition. 

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