James Peterson Essentials Cooking Cookbook

James Peterson Essentials Cooking Cookbook demonstrates over 250 core techniques and recipes and includes more than 1,100 photos. This is a great basic cookbook that is almost course like in format with all the photo demonstrations. The recipes are delicious as well Roasted Rack of Lamb or Pork, Sauteed Pork Loin, Sweetbreads. Hmmm ... I wonder if this is the crash course amateur chefs use before auditioning for Master Chef


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 272 pages. 

Copyright: 1999 

Publisher: Artisan, New York 

Author: James Peterson 

ISBN: 9781579651206

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Description:  In this unrivaled practical guide, one of America's most widely respected chefs/teachers/cookbook authors distills his vast knowledge and experience into the more than one hundred essential techniques that every cook needs to know. One hundred fifty recipes and 1,100 photographs unravel the mysteries of the method and provide practical application on the spot. Here are answers to just about every cooking question, from the simple "why you shouldn't leave slices of apple sitting in water) to the sublime (why you should want to roast a whole saddle of lamb). 

Each technique is further explained in terms of how it makes the food taste: What happens, for example, if you cook fish in butter versus oil? Why is the flavor of roasted vegetables so wonderful? How do you decide whether you want to make a chicken stew or a saute? Knowing how to execute a technique makes you efficient; Knowing why you've chosen that technique makes you a master. 

There's even an interactive element to the book: "Cues" throughout make it easy to delve further into related subjects that might be of interest. After you've made the mashed potatoes, you can learn how to puree other vegetables and fruits; explore how to use vegetable purees in soups or to thicken sauces or to make flans; and find out how to handle all kinds of kitchen equipment you might encounter along the way, from a ricer to a food processor to a food mill or professional drum sieve. 

Expect recipes and techniques that are clearly, meticulously, and encyclopedically described in the style that has won so many awards for Peterson's books, as well as an extensive annotated glossary that you will turn to again and again. In fact, expect your experience of cooking to be forever changed. 


Condition: Small tear in jacket. Further good condition. 

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