The Escoffier Cook Book

Escoffier Cookbook - Guide to Fine Art of Cookery is a vintage cookbook treasure that packs 2,973 recipes. This is the 1963 printing of the 1941 edition. The cookbook is considered "The Bible of Culinary Art" by many. It is not for a beginner or amateur cook. 


Format: Hardcover, 923 pages 

Copyright: 1963, 24th Printing 

Publisher: Crown Publishers, Inc. 

Author: A. Escoffier 

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Description: This is a cook book for connoisseurs, gourmets and those who appreciate excellence in food preparation. The 2,973 recipes, covering everything in cookery from sauces, soups and hors d'oeuvres to roasts, poultry, game and fish, are the identical recipes used by the famous Escoffier himself, one of the greatest chefs of all time. Clearly and simply he outlines the method of preparation of each dish and tells how to achieve perfection in delicious flavor. 

This book, published in France as the Guide Culinaire, is regarded throughout the world as The Bible of Culinary Art, the one indispensable book on fine cooking. Weights, measurements, quantities and terms are stated according to American usage in this American edition. 

The Escoffier Cook Book is not for the beginning amateur in cookery. It is for the discriminating, for the artists in cookery who want the special satisfaction of achieving dinners that are unique and notable for their excellence. 

Condition: Good condition. No jacket. Title page has crease. 

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