The New England Yankee Cookbook

The New England Yankee Cookbook  is a nice cookbook for those who experiment with historic recipes. Dishes come from the files of Yankee magazine and old cookbooks and contributions to the author. The book was original published in 1939. This is a vintage 1969 printing. 


Format: Hardcover, 398 pages 

Copyright: 1939 copyright. 1969 reprint. 

Publisher: Cookbook Collector's Library, Louisville. 

Author: Imogene Wolcott 

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Description:  The New England Yankee contains hundreds of recipes from six old New England states. Frozen Bean Porridge (noted inside as a very old recipe), Rye Popovers (sound delicious)  and more recipes like these are featured. 


Condition: A few pages have recipe notations and two pages have some faint spots. Cover has wear at corners/edges. Further good condition. 

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