Empire Kosher Chicken Cookbook

With 225 recipes inside, the Empire Kosher Chicken Cookbook is both creative and enticing. You will have many options to choose from including everything from side dishes like Zucchini Potato Latkes and Ratatouille to Turkey Meatloaf, Yakatori, and Canton Dumpling and Snow Pea Soup. There are vegetable dishes, meat dishes, salads, and more. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 291 pages. 

Copyright: 1999, First Edition 

Publisher: Clarkson Potter 

Author: Arthur Boehm 

ISBN: 9780517708637

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Description: Rated number one in taste in the New York Times and the Boston Globe, Empire Kosher chicken is what great cooks all across the country know to buy when flavor matters. Now, the authority on poultry presents hundreds of recipes for turning chicken and turkey into entrees to remember, as well as a generous helping of fabulous side dishes. 

Katja Goldman, chef and recipe developer for Empire, offers recipes that will surprise and entice both accomplished and novice cooks. Naturally, there are peerless recipes for traditional favorites -- such as Tante Genia's Chicken Kneidlach Soup and Kasha Varnishkes -- but Empire Kosher Chicken Cookbook takes the tenets of kosher cooking and applies them to exciting dishes inspired by cuisines from all over the globe. 

Ready for something new? Think about Chicken Nori Rolls with Wasabi Sauce, Indonesian Basil Coconut Soup, Duck with Honey Glaze, Tuscan Barbecued Chicken, or Minted Mustard Chicken. And serve them up with Zucchini Potato Latkes, Mashed Potatoes with Leeks and Garlic, Sweet and Savory Stuffing, or a dollop of Fresh Pineapple Salsa. 

Because leftover chicken is not just a fact of life, but also a bonus to the home cook, Katja offers dozens of unbelievably tempting dishes that feature leftover poultry -- such as Turkey, White Bean, and Escarole Soup and Curried Chicken Cakes -- that will have you roasting an extra-large bird just so you can have enough left for use in these recipes. 

Kosher cooking can be sophisticated and diverse, and in Empire Kosher Chicken Cookbook, home cooks will find years of excellent meals. 


Condition: Good condition. Dust jacket has small taped tear. 

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