Emotional Cook Cookbook

The Emotional Cook cookbook is a unique take on recipes...with foods to match your mood. Passion foods, cheerful foods, serious foods and more. The book is beautifully illustrated and is sure to be as much of a joy to peruse as it is to use. 


Format: Paperback, 143 pages 

Copyright: 1996 

Publisher: O'Brien 

Author: Clare McKeon 

ISBN: 9780862784881

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Description: This cookbook is like no other. It's food to match your mood. You're feeling blue? Cook a sunshine meal, with cheerful orange inredients to brighten up your day. Got that first serious at home-date? Cook up some passion food. The dreaded in-laws are coming to dinner? Don't worry, there's a meal here they'll never forget. And what about that all important revenge recipe for someone who's done the dirty on you? There's something to satisfy every emotion. 


Condition: Cover and interior pages are in very nice condition. 

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